BBQ Slow-Smoked Beef Short Ribs Recipe - Bull’s-Eye

Smoked 'n' glazed beef BBQ short ribs
When something tastes this good, simple is best. Slow cooked, melt in the mouth beef ribs with a sticky BBQ glaze. Full flavour, nailed.
 Smoked 'n' glazed beef BBQ short ribs
220 MINS
1kg beef short ribs
150ml Bull’s-Eye Tennessee Style Sweet Whiskey Glaze
Whiskey wood-smoking blocks

BBQ beef short ribs bring big flavour to the grill every time. These five ribs are taken from the chuck section, where it’s all about marbling and taste. That makes them ideal for slow cooking. Add our sticky Bull’s-Eye Tennessee Style Sweet Whiskey Glaze and the best beef short ribs recipe, and you’ve got a feast worth waiting for.

Braised beef short ribs need a pitmaster at the helm. Get pro smokey flavour with our BBQ beef short rib recipe.

Stick them in the centre of your table and get stuck in with your friends. BBQ beef short ribs were made to be devoured as a gang. Knives and forks need not apply.

This is a feast to cook on a lazy weekend. Watch the game. Catch up with friends. Sit back and watch the world go by. This is your time to enjoy, while your ribs get stickier and smokier.

Fire up your smoker or BBQ offset to 150°C.
Add your wet smoking block. It’s what pitmasters use for that deep, smokey flavour you love.
Cut your BBQ beef short ribs into pieces between the bone.
Brush with Bull’s-Eye Tennessee Style Sweet Whiskey Glaze. That’s how they do it down in Tennessee.
Smoke slowly for around three and a half hours to make this BBQ short ribs recipe worth your while.
Brush every hour, and add a final brush before serving. You know the drill. More glaze = more flavour.
Slice the meat off the bone and share your mouth-watering braised beef short ribs with friends. Add some slaw and fries on the side and that’s job done.
Nailing BBQ beef short ribs is all about generous glazing and taking it slow. This beef short ribs recipe needs time to do its thing. The smokey smell alone is enough to make your mouth water. With flavour as big as this you’re going to want to get your friends round to share.