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Foot-long smokey hot dog recipe
You don’t get much more American than a hot dog. And with the best hot dog toppings, you’ll get that authentic USA taste.
 Foot-long smokey hot dog recipe
4 x large frankfurters, or your favourite sausages
4 x hotdog buns
Yellow mustard
Bull's-Eye Hickory Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce
Crispy fried onions
Spring onions
Chopped gherkins

When a quick, tasty meal is exactly you want, a hot dog delivers. Ready in minutes, this is classic America. It’s that drive-in movie, New York street food, eat-it-at-the-stadium kind of snack. Choose the best hot dog toppings and you’ll get maximum flavour for minimum effort. Gherkins, fried onions, BBQ sauce. Because sometimes in life, that’s all you need.

In search of hot dog ideas to elevate yours to next level greatness? It’s all about the sauce. Be generous with your Bull's-Eye Hickory Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce and you’ll achieve maximum flavour. We’ve got you covered here with our very best hot dog recipe.

Grill the sausages until cooked through. Most hot dog recipes call for frankfurters, but we know there’s more choice out there. Pick your favourite and stick with your instincts.
Slice the buns through the top. Match your hotdog bun length to your sausage, or let the ends poke out. This doesn’t need to be precise. It’s about piling up the best hot dog toppings to sink your teeth into.
Put the hotdogs on the buns and serve with yellow mustard and Bull's-Eye Hickory Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce. In a list of America’s favourite hot dog ingredients, you’ll always see sauces come out on top.
Finish with the best hot dog toppings. In our opinion, that’s crispy fried onions, sliced spring onions and gherkins.
Smoke, uncovered, for three hours at 100°C-125°C. Look for a darker red colour and a modest bark to develop. That’s when you’ll know they’re ready.
You’ll be transported to a busy New York sidewalk when you sink your teeth into this hot dog. Savour that crunch of crispy fried onions and the smokey taste of your hickory sauce. The best hot dog recipes hand you the reins.