BBQ Bavette Steak Recipe with Dark Beer Sauce - Bull’s-Eye

Dark beer bavette steak recipe
This beer-soaked beef is the real deal. Marinate for hours. Grill it hot and quick. Bring pitmaster confidence to the king of cuts.
 Dark beer bavette steak recipe
195 MINS
1-1.5kg bavette (flank steak)
½ bottle Bull's-Eye Dark Beer BBQ Sauce
1 can of dark beer
100ml Worcester sauce
1 tbsp. coarse salt
½ tbsp. coarse black pepper
½ tbsp. paprika powder

The bavette, or flank steak, is also known as the butcher’s cut. You know you’re onto a good thing when the pros keep it for themselves. This loose-textured flat cut is full of flavour. Maximise the umami taste with our bavette steak recipe marinade: Bull’s-Eye Dark Beer BBQ Sauce, combined with Worcester sauce, beer and paprika.

Anyone can cook a bavette steak, but how to cook it properly on a BBQ relies on heat, speed and confidence. Here’s how to cook bavette steak like a pro.

Mix all the ingredients for the marinade. That’s your beer, Worcester sauce, salt, pepper, paprika and, of course, your Bull’s-Eye Dark Beer BBQ sauce.
Place the bavette in the marinade and make sure it's fully immersed. Leave chilled for at least three hours.
Pro tip: After it’s marinated, allow the bavette to reach to room temperature. Steak straight from the fridge won’t cook evenly.
Get the BBQ or smoker nice and hot. We’re talking 220°C or more. Always keep the cooking temperature high with a bavette steak. BBQ temperatures that are too low encourage moisture to escape. That equals a tough, stewed steak.
Remove the bavette from the marinade and place on a cutting board. For this bavette recipe you divide the steak into three pieces – thick, medium and thin.
When you're ready for cooking, brush the bars with a little oil and lay the three pieces on the grid.
Dependent on the thickness, grill for two, three, or five minutes each side. This is not the cut of meat to overcook. It’s also important not to turn the steak more than once. It’s all down to precision timing and confidence. You’ll know when it’s ready. There’s no need to press down hard. You don’t want that moisture escaping.
When you know it’s right, remove from the grill. Wrap in baking paper and leave to rest for 5-10 minutes. Keep it in a warm – not hot – spot.
Thinly slice the bavette across the grain. Finger-wide slices work well. Work from top to bottom to get a professional cut.
You’ve mastered our bavette steak recipe. Now it’s time to enjoy the masterpiece. You deserve it.