BBQ Pork Ribs Recipe with Memphis BBQ Sauce - Bull’s-Eye

Bull's-Eye sticky BBQ ribs
Slow-cooked, tender and sticky-sweet. That’s what our spicy BBQ pork ribs are all about. Master the dry rub, then let our Memphis-inspired sauce bring the flavour home.
 Bull's-Eye sticky BBQ ribs
120 MINS
1 sheet pork spare ribs
½ tsp chilli powder
1 tsp coarse ground pepper
4 tbsp. paprika powder
1 tsp. mustard powder
Bull's-Eye Memphis Style Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Sticky BBQ ribs are the stuff meat dreams are made of. Tender meat that slides off the bone. And glazed with the kind of authentic sauce that brings all the flavours of Tennessee to your table. We’re talking about the real deal: Bull's-Eye Memphis Style Sweet & Spicy Sauce. What do BBQ pork ribs mean to us? A down and dirty meat-feast. This is lick-your-fingers territory.

Our sticky pork ribs recipe shows you how to master the dry rub first. Combine the powders pitmaster-style and oven-bake your ribs. Then it’s onto cooking ribs on the BBQ. And that’s where our sauce comes in. It’s going to get sticky. But you knew that already. Here’s how to cook BBQ ribs like a pro.

Lay the ribs in an oven dish. Our pork ribs recipe starts with oven baking, before finishing on the BBQ. That’s how you get that tender meat texture.
Combine the chilli powder, pepper, mustard powder and paprika. This dry rub is what takes this BBQ pork ribs recipe to the next level.
Rub the spice mix into the ribs. Take your time and get hands-on with it.
Cover with foil and bake in the oven for 90 minutes at 160°C. This is your time now. Put together your homemade slaw mix.
Brush the ribs with a serious amount of Bull’s-Eye Memphis Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce and put them on the BBQ. This is where the sticky part of this sticky ribs recipe comes in. Cook for a further 20 minutes until glazed and – yep – sticky. Slather more sauce on during cooking.
Now you’ve mastered our sticky pork ribs recipe you can bring those Memphis flavours to your backyard whenever ribs call. Sweet, spicy, hot, and sticky. This is what BBQ pork ribs are all about. Get stuck in with your hands and eat like you mean it. This isn’t what knives and forks were made for.